Friday, October 19, 2007

All Cats Love Batman (That's Why They Wear Those Hats)

All Cats Love Batman (Thats Why They Wear Those Hats)

by Les Wiseman --(for Gatsby & Annie)

All cats love Batman. That's why they wear those hats. They dress them up with their own touches: a bit of ear hair here, a tuft there. But they all think they look like Batman.

When you're not at home, they get out their Batman comics and read them, absorbed. They keep their comics in excellent condition. They know that they're worth a lot, which is why cats never worry about money. Mom cats never make their kittens throw their comics away. (Because mom cats love Batman, too).

Cats like to pretend that they are Caped Crusaders. When they are out skulking at night, they are pretending they are fighting crime. When they jump up a fence, they think they are climbing skyscrapers in Gotham City. When they peer into the heavens, they are waiting for the Bat-signal.

Sometimes when you're out, they take off their Batman hats and underneath they have little crew cuts. They enjoy a good scalp scratch. Then, when they hear you coming, they quickly put their Batman hats back on.

Cats don't mind wearing collars because sometimes, when you're out, they like to attach facecloths to them and run around wearing capes.

When they twitch in their sleep they are dream fighting with The Joker or The Penguin. They never really believed Catwoman was bad.

Rent a Batman movie and watch how the cats will stay glued to the TV.

All cats love Batman. Just walk up quietly beside one and shout out, "Quickly, to the Batmobile," and watch them leap into action.

And, sometime, just try getting one of their hats away from them!

-- 30 --

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